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WPO's Outdoor Skills Classes

Hone your outdoor skills and learn some new ones with our FREE classes.

Map and Compass Basics

Learn how to use a compass, map vocabulary, dive into topography, understand magnetic declination and how to plot/follow your bearings.  Bring your compass if you’d like to practice with your own gear -or- use one of ours.


Wednesday, Jan. 29th @ 5pm FULL

Thursday, Feb. 6th @ 5pm 

Land Navigation

In Land Navigation, we will review basic map and compass skills and how to measure/plot bearings. Practice your skills with situational, hands-on activities. Learn how to navigate with the essentials. Basic compass and map skills required. 


Thursday, Feb. 12th @ 5pm

Wednesday, Feb. 20th @ 5pm 

Knots Class:

Learn how to tie essential knots for the outdoors and how to use them.

When: Thursday, Feb. 27th @ 5 pm

Backpacking 101: TBD (after April 30th)