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Daiichi Hooks


1170-Round bend, Standard Shank, Down eye Standard barb, Flat Forged, Bronze 25 pack Uses: Traditional Dry Flies

1180-Round bend, down eye, standard wire, standard length, "mini-barb". 25 per pack. 

1560-Sproat bend, down-eye, 1X-heavy wire, 1X-long shank 25 pack Uses: Wet Flies, Traditional Nymphs

2220-Round bend, down-eye, 1x-heavy wire, 4x-long shank, forged. 25 per pack.  Uses: Streamers, Muddlers, Woolly Buggers, Zonkers, Bucktails 25 per pack on all sizes except Size 1 which is a 15 pack and size 2 which is a 20 pack.

1270-York bend, straight-eye, 3X-long shank, forged 25 pack Uses: Hoppers, Terrestrials, Stonefly, Nymphs.  

1130-Continuous bend, down-eye, 1X-fine wire, 1X-short shank, forged, reversed 25 pack Uses: Scud, Shrimp, Grubs, Pupae, San Juan Worm, Nymphs

1510-Sproat bend, down-eye, 3X-short shank Uses: Egg Patterns, Spiders, Ants 25 pack

4647-Heavy Wire Jig Hook-black nickel

1120-Heavy wire scud hook.  Curved hook.

1720-Long Nymph Hook.