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Fishfeathers Ass Wipes

Color: Natural

Sinking lines? Lousy drifts? Poor casts? Don't look like an ass wipe in front of your friends.  Get your fly line performing again by simply using these reusable wipes to clean and prep your line.  

Whether you're an industry professional or a weekend warrior, you will not find a better performing or easier to use line prep system than Fish Feathers and Ass Wipes line wipe products.

Reusable, Silicone Impregnated Fly Line Wipes are available in your choice of three colors and two package options.  Made to carry in a pocket with no mess.

Simply wipe down your fly line with a patch and your line will be clean, slick, and cast like it was new.  You're line will float high on the water with reduced drag, improving drifts, and simplifying line mends.