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Pendant: Ocean Agate


**Pendant #2 in Mother's Day social media post.**

The Nature’s Trail Collection from Crystal Creek Gems is all based on Silicon Dioxide.  That is, if you will, dirt and sand.  The gems we use are in crystal form and inclue: 

Crystalline Quartz (clear crystals, amethyst, etc.)

Micorcrystalline Agate and Caledony

Micorcrystalline Jasper


Microcrystalline Fire Agate

Agatized Fossils 

It’s very unlikely you would find any of these hiking our Appalachian Trail.  So we try to show places mostly in the USA where you just might. 

This pendant is Ocean Agate from Madagascar (can also be found in Morgan Hill, California).  It is set 14KGF.