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Waypoint Online Adventure Courses

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Online 4 course series-Introduction to Orienteering.  Details for each course listed below.


Course 1: Map and Compass Basics

-          This course will teach students how to use a map and compass individually, building basic knowledge for navigation purposes.

Course 2: Land Navigation Basics

-       This course will go into depth about using a map and compass for basic navigational purposes. Helpful, but not required to participate in the Map and Compass Basics course before Land Navigation Basics).

Course 3: Basic Knots

-          This course will cover basic knots including: bowline, figure 8, munter hitch, clove hitch, and others. 

Course 4: FUNSAR (Fundamentals of Search and Rescue)

-          This course covers Incident Command System, Communications, Briefings and De-Briefings, Readiness, Search Techniques/Tactics, and more.