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CAMP Mach Express Dyneema 60 cm Quickdraw - 4 Pack


  • 4x Mach Express Dyneema 60 cm quickdraws
  • The Mach Express Dyneema 60 cm is the ultimate trad draw
  • Equipped with the Nano 22 carabiner on the gear end and the full-size Photon Wire on the rope end
  • Versatile and lightweight 10 mm x 60 cm Dyneema® runner

A good draw for long routes should be:

– Light – they are being carried a long way
– Compact – sometimes you need to carry a lot of them
– Versatile – you never know what big routes will throw at you
– Functional – easy to use in any situation

The Mach Express excels in each of these areas. The Nano 22 on the gear end situates perfectly on any kind of pro from wires to cam slings to bolt hangers and pitons. Their low profile also takes up less space on gear loops than traditional carabiners and they fish in and out of cracks, chain links and other tight spaces with ease. The Photon Wire is the lightest full-size carabiner on the market making it the optimal choice for the rope end. The 10 mm x 60 cm Dyneema® slings are light, strong and thin making them the perfect choice for long routes. The unique properties of Dyneema® also make them particularly well-suited for wet conditions common with alpine terrain.


73 g, 2.6 oz (each)


ID: 2677

Size Strength
Nano 22
21 86 52 21 8 9
Photon Wire 26 100 62 22 8 9
10 mm Express Dyneema 600 11 22